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You are an entity not established in the EU where you have to engage in operations subject to local VAT in one of the 27 EU states, such as construction sites, stock, events, imports into this state on behalf of your entity and any purchase / sell "made in this state?

If so, you have an obligation to appoint a tax representative and be registered for VAT in the state concerned or Monaco, with a local VAT number.

Daniel CONCAS team ensure compliance with tax laws and allows you to meet obligations to local VAT :

  • They support you for all VAT returns, including claims and Intrastat.

  • They manage the implementation of your file with the tax office, your state of VAT, the VAT regulations followed.

  • They are responsible for contacting you with the local tax authorities, including in cases of tax audits.

  • They, as the case may also be named respondent tax.

  • They are responsible to the administration of the companies it represents.


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